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Century21 Northumberland Realty, 629 Water St., East, Summerside PE C1N 4H7 Phone: 902-436-2265

Campbells Way, Cape Traverse C0B1X0


Come and build your dream home in Sunset Dunes! Exceptional waterfront in one of the nicest year round subdivisions on PEI. Located minutes from the Confederation Bridge, 15 minutes to City of Summerside and 30 minutes to Charlottetown. When it comes to investment, location always plays a big factor and this property has it all. Some homes in the area over one million, plus great infrastructure of pavement, services, trees, groomed common areas and amazing beach and views. Protective covenants in place to protect your investment. This development is like something you would see in the movies! Call today for more information on how this could be yours!

Property Information:

Listing ID#: 201723259
Land Features:
Lot Size: acre(s)1.31

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it is estimated that your payment would be approximately $811.32 per month assuming a 5% downpayment of $8,450.00. In order to qualify for this mortgage you will need a monthly income (combined in the case of a couple) of $2,433.96, assuming that you have no other debts to service and that there are no other costs of ownership such as condo fees etc.

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