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Grand River, Grand River C0B1M0


Prince Edward Island Waterfront Building lots for sale close to Summerside, Wellington, and Miscouche; Only 3 waterfront lots remaining to choose from in beautiful River Edge community, within 15 minutes of Summerside these lots offer fantastic value. There are presently three newer year-round homes in this beautiful 10 lot subdivision that boasts picture perfect views of the river and the surrounding countryside. Restrictive and protective covenants in place to protect your investment. Remaining Lots: # 5(.969 of an acre), # 6(1.031 acres) and # 10 (1.569 acres), please note lot 6 has a well included (at no cost save thousands more!).

Property Information:

Listing ID#: 201703102
Land Features:
Lot Size: acre(s)3.569

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